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Drug Testing Solutions

  • Customised drug testing programs
  • Supported in-house testing programs
  • External on-site testing programs

Druglizer™ AOD detection programs to meet your exact needs and budget


Supported in-house testing programs you can carry out

We will supply the testing equipment, along with policies, procedures, and supporting documents along with industry-leading education and training. Alcolizer will also provide on-going support for the duration of your program to help you address any questions that may arise.

Managed external on-site testing programs

Through Alcolizer’s managed external testing program, our specialist AOD detection technicians will attend your sites to carry out scheduled, post-incident and random drug testing. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced specialists who work to industry standard policies and procedures, keeping up to date with changes as announced.

Need both? Consider our hybrid testing program

This incorporates elements of both the supported in-house and managed external testing programs to meet your specific needs and circumstances. We customise your program(s) after a detailed discussion of your needs, including complex or remote operations and to accommodate any budget constraints.



  • 24/7 on-call emergency testing (excluding random testing)
  • Saliva testing on site
  • Urine testing on site
  • Emergency testing
  • Rapid response testing
  • Casual testing
  • Drug screening devices
  • Saliva kits
  • Drug urine cups
  • Testing for synthetic cannabinoids
  • Dip test kits
  • Record booklets

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