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Advanced Industry Handheld Alcohol Tester

The advanced performance and features benefit organisations who need a comprehensive alcohol testing instrument

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Advanced performance, law enforcement grade

Alcolizer HH4 (HH4) has a highly responsive platinum electrochemical fuel cell that delivers fast and accurate results in heavy industrial use as well as in law enforcement applications.

Multi-function testing

Performs both Active (Standard) mouthpiece and Passive test modes to suit any workplace Drug and Alcohol testing program. HH4 offers the latest of Alcolizer’s technology advancements – Pressure-Activated Passive Testing and Fast-Passive Testing. Pressure-Activated is automatically activated by breath pressure provided by a test subject. Fast-Passive is a new, faster response time for Passive Testing.

Durable and Capable

Developed for heavy duty conditions, the Alcolizer HH4 has a robust, shock resistant casing delivering durability and reliability in commercial, industrial and remote environments.

Connected for maximum functionality

Multiple connectivity options include AlcoCONNECT Live™, AlcoCONNECT Toolbox for data download and Bluetooth printing.

Download AlcoCONNECT™ mobile app from Google Play to conduct and save testing onto a mobile device.  Sync stored results to AlcoCONNECT™ Live – the complete solution and access live analysed results from any device.

Service and support

Each HH4 has a 36 month warranty and is supported by the AlcoCARE™ program.
Alcolizer HH4 is supported by a global network of service providers and factory trained professional technicians to provide calibration and expert service support.

Consumables, Accessories and options

Alcolizer offers a wide range of consumables and accessories including Standard or non-return valve saliva trap mouthpieces, durable and waterproof hard carry cases, Bluetooth printing and the AlcoCONNECT mobile app for capturing real-time mobile testing.


HH4 requires calibration every six months (190 days) as per Australian Standards Certification requirement.
HH4 will display a warning message after switch on if 14 days or less remain before calibration is required.
Alcolizer will also contact you with a friendly reminder to send your HH4 into your nearest Alcolizer Certified Calibration & Servicing Centre for prompt calibration.



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