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Alcohol Testing

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Providing a comprehensive range of portable drug and alcohol testing products.

Alcolizer offers alcohol testing devices including handheld breathalysers and wall mounted breathalysers for personal use, industry and law enforcement.

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The Alcolizer Easy Check (EC) is the personal breath alcohol test unit relied on by thousands to keep safe.
The Easy Check, it offers police standard electrochemical fuel cell sensing technology at an affordable price for personal users. It is the smart choice for the personal user.

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The Alcolizer HH Series with back-to-base calibration has been specifically designed for commercial and industrial alcohol breath testing. The HH3 is a compact and rugged unit – ideal for use around the workplace helping maintain a safe and capable workplace for employees.

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Developed from the successful Alcolizer HH3, the Alcolizer HH4 has been designed to provide industrial users advanced testing such as Fast-Passive and Pressure Activated Passive testing and connectivity options including Bluetooth printing and AlcoCONNECT™ Live via AlcoCONNECT™ mobile.

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Created for law enforcement agencies around the world. The Alcolizer LE5 has developed into a fast, reliable and accurate alcohol breath testing unit – ideal for sophisticated industrial use. Outstanding display, response times and in a convenient, ergonomic package.

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Centurion – Zero Tolerance is a compact, high volume alcohol testing unit with no straws or accessories required. Its patented modular calibration system enables calibration to be completed on site in around 60 seconds – increasing unit availability and minimising unit downtime.

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Designed for high volume, fixed point, commercial and industrial alcohol breath testing. The Alcolizer Wall Mount 4 delivers the fastest worker turnaround in high volume environments. Its trusted self-recalibration feature eliminates unit down-time whilst ensuring high accuracy.

Solution Guide EC Easy Check Breathalyser HH3 Hand Held Breathalyser LE5 Law Enforcement Series Centurion Zero Tolerance WM4 Wall Mounted Breathalyser
General description Good quality, robust, personal breath tester High quality, robust, multi-featured, industry suitable breath tester Highest quality, Police grade, robust, multi-featured breath tester High quality, robust, multi-featured, industry suitable breath tester Highest quality, robust, multi-featured, industry suitable breath tester
Format Hand held instrument, mobile use Hand held instrument, mobile use Hand held instrument, mobile use Wall mounted instrument, fixed to wall Wall mounted instrument, fixed to wall
Users Individuals for personal use Industry Police and Industry Industry with Zero Tolerance Industry
Australian Standards Certified AS3547
Designed, developed and built in Australia to ISO:9001 Standards
Premium Grade Platinum, electrochemical fuel cell
BAC Range 0.000 – 0.500 at 0.100 BAC g/100mL
Accuracy – Better than 0.005 at 0.100 BAC g/100mL
Printing options
Results download
Test Type – Active Mode (using mouthpiece)
Test Type – Passive Mode (blow only, after button press)
Test Type – Passive Mode Pressure Activated (blow only, auto-activated by breath)
Passive Test
Mouthpiece use
Power Source 2 x AAA Alkaline Batteries Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Rechargeable Li-Ion 240 Volt power supply 240 Volt power supply
Data log capacity N/A 10,000 Tests 10,000+ tests 10,000+ Tests 20,000+ Tests
Screen format Black & White Screen Transflective Black & White Screen TFT Colour Graphics Screen 6″ LCD colour display 10″ LCD colour display
Analysis Time for Zero Result 5 sec 1 sec 1 sec 1 sec Instant
Reset Display Time for zero reading (ready for next test) 5 sec 5 sec 5 sec 5 sec 5 sec
Analysis Time for 0.050 Result 10 sec 3 sec 3 sec 3 sec 3 sec
Recovery Time from 0.050 reading (ready next test) Less than 60 sec Less than 10 sec Less than 10 sec Less than 10 sec Less than 10 sec


Fuel Cell vs. Semiconductor

There has been some confusion about the differences in accuracy between systems based on fuel cells and semiconductors. Broadly speaking, units using semiconductor sensing have been strongly marketed at suspiciously low prices by retailers and on the internet. As the sensor is based in a small, cheap metal oxide bead which changes electrical current throughput to detect alcohol.

The drawback is that they are inaccurate and unreliable, often being unable to distinguish between alcohol and other volatile substances (even hairspray, petrol and cigarette smoke). They are easily rendered inaccurate and have a short service life and can only be trusted for passive detection, revealing the possible presence of alcohol but not its concentration. Their readings have no meaning in a legal context and are not suitable for evidentiary use. On the other hand, units based on fuel cell technology meet the high standard required for law enforcement, industrial/commercial and personal use.

Alcolizer AOD detection instruments are based on fuel cell technology where user breath comes into contact with dual platinum electrodes. The alcohol is oxidized, creating an electrical current which increases according to the amount of alcohol present. The readings are reliable and precise, giving unrivaled and proven accuracy to legal standards. The units are alcohol-specific and hold their calibration far longer than semiconductor based units. They also last longer, proving more economical through a longer, trouble-free service life.


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