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  • Drug And Alcohol Data At Your Fingertips
  • Multi factor Security for Maximum Data Integrity
  • Identify Potential Risk Areas with Drill Down Capability
  • Monitor Compliance in Daily Testing Programs
  • Real Time Data Analysis with Dash Board
  • Export Your Data for Compliance

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The Alcolizer AlcoCONNECT Live Data system combines Alcolizer’s innovative testing technology with state of the art business solutions. It is the ideal tool for Safety and Business Managers seeking real time, analysed test results from across their business. Alcolizer is the largest supplier of alcohol instruments to Australian Police and industry. Our Australian made instruments and services are used to conduct over 20 million AOD tests annually.


AlcoCONNECT Dashboard of Results gives an easy to review analysis of your test data by number of tests, site location, time of day, result and employee. Drug and Alcohol tests are listed separately and data can be divided by sites or business units. Drill down into data on the Dashboard for instant access to the original alcohol, drug screen and confirmatory toxicology results. Dashboard will let you easily identify hot spots in your business and target resources so you can maximise your testing spend.


Druglizer Graphs

The Druglizer graphs provide summaries of readings data logged from AOD testing

There are three (3) graphs provided:

  • Number – the number of readings by month grouped by Company, or test type if viewing for a specific Company.
  • Time – the number of readings by time taken.
  • Exception – the number of exception readings by month grouped by Company, or test type if viewing for a specific Company.

Log Readings and Identification

Clicking on a line in the Wall Mount Report list will open the reading screen where you can view the details of the reading and staff identification.

Only Users that have been set up as Customer Managers and Customer Staff will be able to view Log Readings and Identification page.

Photo identification will only be displayed when Client has purchased a Wall Mount with a camera.