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  • Build for tough Australian conditions
  • Commitment to quality
  • Proud to be ISO accredited


We pride ourselves on the in-house manufacturing capabilities and commitment to quality for all our products. Our primary manufacturing facility is in Australia and works closely with our R&D Teams and is responsible for the overall production of our Alcolizer products; as the leading provider of breath testers to Australian Police as well as the demanding Australian Resource sector; Alcolizer’s products are designed and manufactured to rigorous quality standards.

It stands to reason that the Alcolizer R&D team, which pioneered so many aspects of Alcohol and Drug detection technology, should be on hand to ensure that the products we manufacture meet their strict specifications and criteria.

We believe that the Research and Development team and the Manufacturing team should be closely united in order to achieve products of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Our factory trained technical specialists offer the industry’s best service and technical support; with direct access to the R&D and Manufacturing teams our technical staff are regarded as the best in Australia.

Alcolizer service and repair products at dedicated service centres in Brisbane and Perth as well as providing on-site, field service capabilities when and where our customers need them.

The importance of accuracy and reliability cannot be overstated: people’s lives and livelihoods count on our instruments. Our complete commitment to quality control meets an obvious and essential requirement that, regrettably is not always present in products made to lower standards. Optimum quality is frequently the victim when manufacturing standards are diluted to meet unrealistic marketing and pricing criteria, but not at Alcolizer Technology, where we lead the way in quality control.